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  • DAY 1

  • 8:00am

    Registration and Breakfast

  • 8:45am

    Chairperson: Shoeb Hosain Opening Remark

  • 9:00am

    Opening Keynote: Data-Driven Digital Transformation: Not a One-Time Project




      Pamela Snively

      Chief Data & Trust Officer





    • Leverage intelligent insights to continually increase operational excellence
    • Restructuring your teams to drive future performance
    • Leverage your organization’s data to create tangible business value
    • Champion a culture of continuous transformation to ensure future success
  • 9:30am

    Presentation: Modern Data Platforms for Data-Driven Organizations


    Paul moxon-1Paul Moxon

    Senior Vice President Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist


    • Digital transformation is not a 'one and done' event. It is continuous process of improvement - driven by data and insights across the organization. However, most digital transformation initiatives fail to live up to their billing. According to Gartner, nearly 60% of digital initiatives are deliver late and many underdeliver. There are many reasons for these failures, but a frequent challenge is simply unlocking the data from the data silos and delivering timely, curated data to the business users who need it.  
    • Traditional approaches to data management are based on legacy thinking and aren't agile and flexible enough to meet today's business needs. Leading companies are adopting a different approach to data management based on logical data architectures. This approach is embodied in modern data architectures such as data fabrics and data meshes.  
    • In this session, we'll look at why traditional data architectures are failing to deliver the data needed for digital transformation initiatives and how logical data architectures are enabling true data-driven transformation. 
  • 10:00am

    Panel: Cross-Functional Change-Management: Breaking Down Department “Silos” to Promote Data Culture



    Vikas Sachdeva-1Moderator:Vikas Sachdeva

    Global Head of Advisory Services, FSI



    Geoffrey Finnie-1Geoffrey Finnie

      VP, Head of Advanced Analytics

      Canada, Manulife



    Nabarun Lahiri-1Nabarun Lahiri 

    AVP, Data Management & Governance 

    TD Securities 




      Hondy Hung

    Director, Change and Integration, Customer insights, Data and Analytics (CID&A)


    Jasjit Singh-1


      Jasjit Singh

      Global Director, Head of Connected Insights

      Mars Wrigley




      Song Yu,

    Senior Director, Data & Analytics




    • Diminish traditional planning in the workplace environment to elevate outcomes of cross-functional management
    • Gain access to more resources and diverse perspectives to drive innovation in projects
    • Ensure that your company's culture is aligning with your individuals' beliefs to support the change
  • 10:45am

    Networking Break

  • 11:15am - 3:35pm

    Track 1 - Data Management & Data Strategy: Governance, Architecture, Protection & Privacy


    Track 2 - Data Science & Business Intelligence: Insights, Analytics, AI & ML

  • 11:15am

    TRACK 1 | Presentation - Data Strategy: Scaling and Executing Data Programs Across the Enterprise



      Roger Han

      Vice President, Strategy & Analytics

      KHM Labs


    • How to build the foundation from the bottom up
    • Setting yourself up for successful execution
    • How to maintain it for long-term success
  • 11:15am

    TRACK 2 | Presentation: Operationalization of Models: A New Outlook


    Bala Gopalakrishnan-1Bala Gopalakrishnan 

    Chief Data Officer 

    Pelmorex Corp

    • Complete the gap between data scientists and
      engineers to create a dynamic work environment
    • Use ModelOps to increase the impact it has on your company's optimization projects
    • Create a holistic approach towards creating
      predictive analytics
  • 11:45am

    TRACK 1 | Presentation: The Hybrid Cloud: All Solutions in One

    • Move workloads between public and private
      clouds to operate in fast moving markets
    • Manage influx of big data to redirect workloads
      based on business factors
    • Mitigate risk of technical failure by spreading the risk around
  • 11:45am

    TRACK 2 | Presentation: Head in the Cloud- AI in Cloud Computing


    blank-headshot-Mar-17-2023-07-04-05-2789-PMTery Lockitski

     Advisor, Worldwide Advisory,


    • Use AI to handle complicated tasks and decrease the reliance on humans in order to drive efficiency
    • Increase the cloud's capabilities with the
      implementation of AI tools
    • Boot agile development for the fast delivery of
      solutions to customers
  • 12:15pm

    Networking Lunch

  • 1:15pm

    TRACK 1 | Discussion Group: Let's Talk a Modern-Day Data Architecture


    Doug Harrison-1Moderator: Doug Harrison 

    RVP Canada 



    Karthik K Iyengar-1Karhik K Iyengar 

    Director, Business Intelligence



    Nantes KristenNantes Kirsten 

    Director Financial Analytics & AI 



    Temi Odesanya-1Temi Odesanya 

    Director, Data and Model Governance and Automation 

    Thomas Reuters 

    blank-headshot-Jan-27-2023-06-05-19-4648-PMChantal Berthiaume 

    Director, Commercial Analytics 

    Air Canada 


    • Take advantage of new emerging technologies to
      achieve business and technological goals
    • Drive innovation across the system with an intelligent processing environment
    • Create data-ready analytics in your lake using AI
  • 1:15pm

    TRACK 2 | Discussion Group: Leveraging AI for Real-Time Insights -Connecting with Your Consumers


    Kevin FleetModerator: Kevin Fleet 

    Vice President of Advisory Services 



    Paul Twigg-3Paul Twigg

    Chief Technology Officer 


    Amardeep Singh-1Amardeep Singh 

    Director, Analytics and Insights 

    Merkle-Cardinal Path 

    • Yield ROI by using AI to sift through unstructured and structured data to accurately target your audience 
    • Automate real-time insights to drive relevance and track customer engagement
    • Build stronger connections with your customers by using AI to collect demographic data 
  • 1:50pm

    TRACK 1 | Presentation: The New Era of Data Governance


    Alexander Lawson-Mar-06-2023-08-10-11-7381-PMAlexander Lawson

    Vice President of Data & Investment 



    • As many things have changed, explore the new face of data governance and how changes are impacting governance practices
    • How to navigate your way through complex pipelines and ecosystems
    • Ensure flawless data compliance within your model to keep up with regulations
    • Create a framework for data democratization to delegate data management responsibilities 
  • 1:50pm

    TRACK 2 | Presentation: Cover the Map with GIS


    Chris DeJager, General Manager, Business Intelligence, Data Management and Analytics, Canada Post-1

     Chris DeJager 

     General Manager, Business Intelligence, Data Management, and Analytics

      Canada Post


    • Give your business a competitive edge by
      understanding your customers and the market they are operating in
    • Create better-developed decisions with more comprehensive information on your target environment
    • Use data collected in real-time to reflect on your customers' behavior
  • 2:20pm


  • 2:50pm

    TRACK 1 | Presentation: From DA to CDAO – The Key Pillars of Career Progression of Data Analysts


    Jason wang-2Jason Wang

    Chief Risk Officer & VP, Data Analytics

    Allstate Insurance 



    • Understand the essential skills needed to become a CDAO
    • Look at specific examples of the key behaviors needed
    • Challenge your own comfort zone
  • 2:50pm

    TRACK 2 | Presentation: Let Data & Analytics be the Transformation of Your Business


    Jeff Wilts-1Jeff Wilts 

    Chief Architect


    • How to present your data strategy to C-Suite leaders and Stakeholders to win them over   
    • Creating a plan that maps our data strategy and provide proof as to why this will improve business
    • Be ready to have answers to all questions in order to mitigate risk of hesitancy   
  • 3:35pm

    Presentation: Why is Talent so Challenging, and What Can We Do About It?


    Johanna Lee-3Johanna Lee 

    Head of Business Development, North America


    • How did Talent become so challenging? 
    • What can you affect or influence to impact outcomes? 
    • What action items can you explore today? 
  • Roundtable Discussions

  • 4:20pm

    Roundtable 1A: Data for Good: How to Leverage Data & AI to Achieve Sustainability


    Pamela Snively-1

     Pamela Snively 

     Chief Data & Trust Officer 



    Chris DeJager-1

     Chris DeJager

     General Manager, Business Intelligence, Data Management & Analytics

     Canada Post  

    Haider Khan-1

     Haider Khan 

     Senior Director Energy Analytics 



    • Generate new streams of revenue and opportunities while also creating innovative ways to create sustainable
    • Use AI to analyze large amounts of data to enable solutions for some of the world's largest challenges
    • Ensure the responsible use of data for transparency and accountability to benefit society 
  • 4:20pm

    Roundtable 2A: Customer Journey Analytics: Creating an Easier Client Journey


    Daymond Ling-1

     Daymond Ling

     Head of Analytics

     Questrade Financial Group


    blank-headshot-Jan-27-2023-06-05-19-4648-PMChantal Berthiaume 

    Director, Commercial Analytics

    Air Canada

    • Understand which data to collect so you can more easily define the action you want customers to take
    • As customers' demands and perspectives continue to change, complete regular customer journey analytics to ensure you are meeting the customers' needs
    • Implement an automation process to easily streamline your CJA and see real-time insights into your data
  • 5:15pm

    Cocktail Reception

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  • DAY 2

  • 8:00am

    Registration & Breakfast

  • 8:45am

    Chairperson: Shoeb Hosain Opening Remarks

  • 9:00am

    Presentation - How to Build a Functional Organization in a Data-Driven Culture


    Chantal Marcoux-1Chantal Marcoux 

    Director of Knowledge & Information Services 

    Bank of Canada 


    • How to construct a Data-Driven Roadmap to create a timeline and set goals
    • · Clarifying a clear definition of roles and ensuring they are being executed properly
    • · Discussing core functions of your role and staying within them
  • 9:30am

    Presentation: Accelerate your Hybrid Data Cloud Journey


    Piotr PruskiPiotr Pruski

     Country Manager



    Marcos CaurimMarcos Caurim

    Senior Solutions Engineer


    • Find out how Cloudera has moved most of its customers base to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud data platforms and the growth they have experienced.   Businesses are driving new value and solving old problems with modern data architectures including data lakehouses, data fabric and data mesh. Learn what’s new with these architectural approaches and how they can unlock new business opportunities and next-gen data applications. 


    • In this session, we will share how to weave a unified data fabric that centrally orchestrates data sources securely, across multiple clouds and on-premises, using open source software with added enterprise-grade quality and stability on the Cloudera Data Platform. 
  • 10:00am

    Panel Discussion: Data Visualization: Design How We View Data



    Manish Dhore-1Manish Dhore

    Head of Data Solutions 

    BNP Paribas


    Alexander Lawson-Mar-06-2023-08-18-28-0162-PMAlexander Lawson 

    Vice President of Data & Investments



    Karthik K Iyengar-2Karhik K Iyengar 

    Director, Business Intelligence 


    • How to create representation of information easier for stakeholders & business users to read
    • Build a model reporting dashboard to view insights into your business’s performance
    • How to make your product easily digestible and how to market it
  • 10:45am


  • 11:15am

    Presentation: A Shortage in Talent: Curating Your Team in a Competitive Market


    Hondy Hung-1Hondy Hung,

    Director, Change and Integration, Customer insights, Data and Analytics (CID&A)


    • With the growth in the industry, it is important to stand out to attract employment
    • Hiring for skills vs degree
    • Investing in ongoing training programs
    • Partnering with organizations & institutions to build a diverse pool
    • Developing existing talent
  • 11:45am

    Panel Group: Marketing and Data Collaboration: Promoting a Data-Driven Culture for a Customer-Centric Busines


    Daymond Ling-2Daymond Ling 

    Head of Analytics 



    Manoj Bhalerao-1Manoj Bhalerao,


    Laurentian Bank of Canada


    Rohin Bansal-1Rohin Bansal 

    Director, Data Governance 


    • What does it take behind the scenes to become a customer-centric organization? 
    • Shifting from product-driven to customer-driven: best practices to adapt the entire data ecosystem
    • How to align your business practices, data analytics, and talent development, around delivering personalized relationships
    • Balancing hyper-personalization with data privacy
  • 12:30pm


  • 1:35pm

    Presentation: The Adaption of Advanced Analytics to Generate Health System Insights


    Michael Hillmer-1Michael Hillmer 

    Assistant Deputy Ministry- Digital ad Analytics Strategy

    Health l Santé

    • What is AutoML and why companies are recognizing the potential
    • How AutoML can replace hand coding and allow data scientists to become more productive
    • Accelerate the accuracy of models to avoid human error and create more consistency



  • 2:05pm

    Roundtable 2A -Paving the Way to Monetizing your Data


    Indrayudh Ghoshal-1Moderator: Indrayudh Ghoshal

    Co-founder & COO

    Scribble Data


    Roger Han-3Roger Han

    Vice President Strategy & Analytics

    KHM Labs

    dmitriy VDmitriy Volinskiy

    Managing Director of Customer Experience Metrics Analytics

    ATB Financial 

    Nantes Kristen-1Nantes Kirsten

    Director Financial Analytics & AI 



    Shreyas Becker-1Shreyas Becker 


    Director, Global AI & Data Products Industrial Affairs


    • Creating access to valuable insights in order to give your business an edge
    • Understanding your customers' needs and how to create unique data sets
    • Being able to measure the monetary value of data sets
  • 2:05pm

    Roundtable 2B - Unpack Data Literacy and What it Means for Organizations


    Siuwin Wang-1Siuwin Wang 

    Director, Analytics and Health Information Management 


    Michael Morris-Dec-01-2022-08-23-01-4417-PMMichael Morris 

    Director, Data & Analytics

    Global Furniture Group

    Kimberly Hill-1Kimberly Hill

    Director, Digital Health Analytics 

    Saskatchewan Health Authority 

    vincent chio-1Vincent Chio

    Data Science Manager 



    • How to fill in the gaps from the acquired data to the final report
    • Accelerate the understanding of data by discovering the characteristics of your data
    • Why you should preprocess data, the steps to determine the usefulness of data